A big THANK YOU to Scott Arnold and Co.!

Apparently, contractors do not have to provide good customer service in order to stay in business. The only exception we found was Scott’s Construction – they are awesome people to do business with! It astounded us how almost every contractor we contacted acted like they were interested in the job, then blew us off at some point – either leading us to believe they were working on an estimate, or even wasting all of our time to come out and take a look or a second look and take measurements, and then not even a courtesy call to tell us they weren’t interested. What astounded us even more is we were treated this way even by contractors that were old friends, and friends of friends. In my opinion, that is not just poor business, but poor character. If you didn’t want the job, all you had to do was tell us. Well, we were able to sift through all the garbage and find a contractor who was true to his word and really came through. Scott’s Construction got the job done! I would not recommend ANYONE ELSE that we contacted. A big THANK YOU to Scott Arnold and Co.! It was a pleasure to work with you guys and we appreciate everything that it took to get the job done, and done well! Thank you!!!

S.S., Homer Glen